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As an excellent provider of high-quality mobility services, DASH Rent a Car, enjoys a great strengths that identify the company, founded in 2013 as Eurosuites Auto Rental LLC, with the dream to become in one of the most important company in the Car rental business, focus on serve to all the diversity of customer that visit the State of Florida in United State. These include a broad selection of premium vehicles, an attractive price-value, thorough service orientation among our employees, and a notable culture of innovation. DASH Rent a Car provides, develops flexible, individualized concepts for its customers, providing mobility from one day, months and even years.

DASH Rent a Car’s long-term strategy is resolution in an active international expansion, a systematic focus on profitability, and a lasting increase in corporation value.


DASH Rent A Car, being a family group with a long history as a providers of mobility services in the market, located in the State of Florida is working towards a future in which people around the world have access to safe, efficient and comfortable mobility with the touch of a button. No matter the length of stay, the number of designated drivers or even a fully autonomous car in the very near future. Our constantly updated fleet is available exactly when and how you need it. This makes us the most efficient service provider where the customer is the greatest motivation, and that is why we will exceed the expectations on each visit.

There is only one boss, the client and he can fire everyone in the company from the doorman to the manager by just spending his money in another store. – Sam Walton – Walmart.


Dash Rent a Car will become a leading company as a provider of mobility services nationwide within the USA and with an international presence in partner countries, the customer does not currently buy products or services, they now buy great experiences and every day has more decision-making power, as it has many ways to be informed, the consumer went from being a person who has trying constantly to be a customer looking for the best options, where The Internet offers description and features where the price of products or services is not the most important variable due they get the value that they want. This is why at DASH Rent a Car, we innovate and are at the forefront of everything that is happening to exceed the expectations of our customers when it comes to renting a car.


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